It’s okay to care

In Editorials on December 2, 2011 at 7:58 pm

By: Morgan Deal

Apathy amongst teens has been allowed to go on for too long, and I find it pointless. Photo courtesy of Sasha Jimenez

          I have recently become aware of a growing issue that many people don’t recognize: apathy. In short, apathy is showing indifference about someone or something. Traditionally, being apathetic is not a bad thing, but lately it has been making a difference—for the worse.

            Many teens adopt an apathetic personality because they think that it is “cool” to be indifferent about everything. They think that if you show passion or emotion for anything, or anyone, than that shows weakness and/or that it is “uncool.” Since when has it become bad to show that you care? In fact, I find that being apathetic is “uncool.” Showing that you care about something lets your personality shine through; on the flip side, an apathetic person seems like a robot that just goes through the motions of life without even thinking about anyone but themselves.

            Apathy has shown itself to be actually very dangerous as well. Last month, a two year old girl in southernChinadied in a hit-and-run accident. The girl was hit in a market where she was wandering around, and the driver did not stop to check whether or not the girl was okay. So she lay there, while people passed by her and did not give her a second thought. Eventually someone moved her, and she was brought to the hospital. Maybe if someone had taken a little time to look at the situation and call her an ambulance, the little girl would have survived. Unfortunately, nobody could be bothered to care.

            Even being apathetic towards your friends can be bad. If they’re happy, be happy with them, don’t just shrug it off and pretend that it is no big deal. It does nothing but kill their mood and make it seem like you do not care about them.Apathy amongst teens has been allowed to go on for too long, and I find it pointless. Go on, show someone that you care about them. Show passion for something. It’s okay.


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