Fine accused of molestation of ball boys

In Sports on December 2, 2011 at 8:03 pm

By: Trevor Ottley

Former syracuse assistant coach, Bernie Fine, gets accused for molesting the two ball boys. Photo courtesey of Google images.

                Former Syracuse associate head coach Bernie Fine was recently accused of molesting the two ball boys, Bobby Davis and Mike Lang. Last weekend, Fine has been fired from his position due to the accusation. The two ball boys who accused Fine told ESPN about their incident, and ESPN immediately took action. On November 17, fine was put on administrative leave for further details in the case, and when the results came positive in the investigation, Fine was fired.

            Fine’s best friend and also Syracuse’s head coach, Jim Boeheim, told everyone that Fine was innocent because he couldn’t see his best friend doing something like that. In defense of Fine, he attacked the accusations of the two ball boys calling their allegations as, “a bunch of a thousand lies.” Along with this statement, he proceeded to accuse their accusations as being a ploy for financial gain. Even though his attacks were hard to believe, Boeheim had every legal right to defend his friend. Once he was asked again, he refused to give any more details.

            During the investigation of this case, the authorities found a tape recording of a conversation between Bobby Davis, one of the accusers, and Laurie Fine, Fine’s wife, which was captured in 2002. According to the documents of the taping,Daviswas the one who recorded the conversation. Fine’s wife had not stated directly that her husband had molested any younger men, but she hinted towards it. She also hinted that Fine molested more than justDavis. She stated in the tape that her husband is in denial about the whole situation and, “I think he did the things he did, but he’s somehow through his own mental telepathy has erased them out of his mind.”

            Further investigations show that there was another young man who accused Fine of molesting him. Zach Tomaselli had stated that he was molested by Fine in a hotel bedroom inPittsburghin 2002. This third accuser set the case in stone and forced authorities to take immediate action. Even though Fine hasn’t been formerly indicted for molesting the three men, the case is still out there. There is still plenty of more evidence that hasn’t been found and more research that can be done. Fine still denies his accusations towards him, and his wife, with strong evidence against Fine, has clearly stated that she knows something has been going on with her husband. The only thing that is keeping this case alive is the earlier case of Jerry Sandusky who was charged with 40 accounts of abuse.


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