Did you do your homework?

In Editorials on December 2, 2011 at 8:08 pm

By: Caleb Hinkley

Caleb Hinkley thinks students need to be responsible and do their homework. Photo courtesy of Caleb Hinkley

Do you remember getting that speech from the teacher that one time you forget to do your homework? Once or twice isn’t so bad, but when you start making a habit of it, it can become a problem. I have seen a lot of students that have actually repeatedly not done their homework. Most of them give answers such as, “I didn’t have time,” or “I just didn’t feel like doing my homework.” These answers make them feel like it’s an excuse, but homework is just as much a part of your grade as a quiz, so they are not really getting off the hook.

Students are at school for at least six hours a day, and we always end up taking home at least one homework assignment. To the kids who never end up doing their homework and blame it on not having time, what do you prioritize more than you homework? I know that sometimes students get involved in sports and feel exhausted by the time they get home from practice. I participated in a fall sport, and I understand how frustrating it is to come home and sit down to a night’s worth of assignments. But as a simple solution, you could do what a lot of other student athletes do. They do some of the homework at night but then wake up early in the morning and finish the rest. This can eliminate the stress of trying to complete all of your homework in one night.

Another issue that has occurred with students is they say they don’t feel like doing their homework. Well I know homework can feel like a hefty load, especially when you have time consuming assignments that take more than a few hours. But if the homework was assigned to you, then it is your responsibility to do it. This same principle can be applied to real life: when your boss gives you an assignment, are you just going to tell them you don’t feel like doing it? Not if you want to keep your job. So start now by doing your homework, because a lot of teachers grade homework for completion. A few zeros add up and start to bring your grade down. Maybe there are some students who don’t do their homework because they just do not understand how to complete it. As a solution, many teachers offer tutoring to students before and after school. This can give the student extra time for the individual help that he or she may need. It is very helpful to those who just don’t get it. All they have to do is ask their teacher about a time when they can come in outside of class and some teachers even allow students to come in at lunch.

The basic principle that students need to understand is that there are different methods for different situations. Most of the things you are looking for are right in front of you and most have simple answers. Most students just fail to seek help or do their homework because they are lazy. You have the resources to get help or to complete your homework, but it’s your choice how you use them.


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