Brighten someone’s day

In Editorials on December 2, 2011 at 8:18 pm

By: Cassidy Parker

Lately, I have seen more girls crying in the hallways and in the bathroom than I have ever seen in my entire life. It seems like everyday I will either walk down the hall or walk into a bathroom and see someone crying for any reason. Whether they are stressed, or they got in a fight, or they got picked on, the list is endless, and so is the hurt.

Being students at Fort Mill High School, we are spared from the majority of the bad things that go on inCharlotte. That doesn’t mean that Fort Mill is just like a mirror image of Pleasantville; we are far from it. We have all gotten in fights and gotten our feelings hurt at one time or another, and we know how it feels. Just thinking back, I can think of numerous times that I just wanted to sit down in the middle of the commons or hall and stay there, so I can understand why I see people hurting. Everyone seems a little on the edge right now, and that makes them ready to break down.

It’s the third six weeks, notoriously the most stressful six weeks, because all the teachers are cramming in their lessons and students are trying their best to learn and keep up. Add in extra-curricular activities, and sometimes it just becomes too much for some people. I have seen people crying and when I ask what got them all upset, they just say simply, “I’m stressed,” and expect you to immediately understand. The thing is, I do understand. We all do. I am guilty myself of judging people as soon as I see them crying or upset without even knowing what is going on. You don’t know what kind of situation that they might be in or how much stress they are under.

I am just asking you to look around. I’m sure you will see the signs of horrible days in the faces of students. All I ask is for you to try to help. Next time you see a girl crying in the bathroom, even if you don’t know her that well, ask what’s wrong. People will feel better just knowing that someone is caring about them and is concerned. Next time someone says they are stressed, see if there is anything you can do to help. If not, a hug can brighten so many people’s day. It doesn’t seem like much to do for someone, but it is much better than letting them think that no one is concerned. Even if you don’t think that you should have to try and help people that are upset, try it anyway. Chances are, if you get too stressed, the person ill return the favor. “We are….Fort Mill” isn’t just something we say at pep rallies. It means that Fort Mill is a family, and we should always try to help each other out.


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