Vets honored here and across the nation

In Local News on November 22, 2011 at 7:32 pm

By: Jordan Brown

Last Friday was Veteran’s Day, a holiday that was started almost 92 years ago when World War II finally came to an end. This year, all over the country, people  took the celebrations to heart, especially inFortMilland Tega Cay. All of theFortMillSchool’s are proud to say they participated in some sort of celebration or assembly. The city ofTega Cayalso celebrated with the opening of theTegaCayLivingMemorialGardens.

"Fort Mill High School proved that they could continue their ritual raising of the flag and singing the national anthem the morning of Veterans Day." Photo courtesy of Jordan Brown

In early June of this year, the city ofTegatook some big steps toward the planning of theTegaCayLivingMemorialGardens. The garden which was opened this past Friday, has stones, plaques and trees all dedicated to veterans in our area. The public may purchase one of their choosing to dedicate to a person of their choice; the revenue will go toward the completion and upkeep of the garden. This magnificent garden includes beautiful butterfly trees, ornamental trees and paths. The garden will serve as a memory of the ones that fought for our country. Ceremonies and parades are great ways to show reverence and pride toward veterans;FortMillschools did just that.

FortMillHigh Schoolproved that they could continue their ritual raising of the flag and singing the national anthem the morning of Veterans Day. “We’ve been doing it as long as I’ve been here,”FortMillHigh Schoolsophomore Gabby Seymore said when asked about the Veteran’s Day gathering.  

The Town of Fort Mill also showed that they could have just as much patriotism by holding a program at the Veteran’s Park. The Veteran’s Park was opened August of this year. The park is located in “old”FortMill, across from the well knownConfederateParkonMain Street.  Just like theTegaCayLivingMemorialGardens, the Fort Mill Veteran’s Park invited the public to walk through the gardens and view the names of veterans engraved in a beautiful brick path. Like theTegaCayLivingMemorialGardens,FortMillresidents can purchase a brick to have engraved. Both parks are a good way for residents to donate and show support for veterans.

Although it may not be an official holiday everyday, veterans should get the praise and respect they deserve. Tega Cay andFortMillshowed that they want veterans to feel special and never forgotten with the opening and beautification of these magnificent parks. Whether the celebrations include building a whole garden full of lush vegetation or a cook out with a recently arrived veteran, any way you celebrate our troops is a good one.


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