Preparing for the upcoming season

In Sports on November 22, 2011 at 7:29 pm

By: Erica Beachum

            At Fort Mill High School, everybody is beginning to get pumped for the upcoming basketball season.  TheFort Mill High School team practices every day of the week, Monday through Friday, in preparation for the first game in two weeks against Northwestern on November 29.

Get ready for the upcoming basketball season, November 29. Photo courtesy of Google images

Right now, there are no main focuses for the team besides conditioning and all of the players working on bettering their skills. According to the new basketball coach and athletic director of Fort Mill High School, Dwayne Hartsoe, “We have not decided who is starting off in the games, but we are mainly focusing on just preparing for the upcoming games.” Smiling, Hartsoe admitted, “I’d love to have kids come to the home games and have a huge student section.” He expects his team to be competitive, “Play hard or go home,” Hartsoe says.

             Hartsoe has been a coach for football, baseball and other sports at the other schools which he was a part of. This is his 19th year being a basketball coach; he prefers basketball over the others because he simply enjoys it more. He choseFortMillHigh School because it is close to his home, and he plans on his children attending here.  Another reason is that he had the opportunity to be the athletic director where as at his old school he was not.

             When students of all ages tried out for the team, he was looking mostly for natural basketball skills, coachability, the ability to take criticism, and their ability to work with others. Up to now there have been no fights or issues between the players, and they seem to be coming along well as a team. The first home game is December 2 against Clover.  Eventually,Fort Mill will have a game against their arch-rival, the Nation Ford Falcons. There are two chances to see the two schools compete. The home game is on January 20, 2012. The away game, also the last game of the season will be on Friday, February 10, 2012.

             Hartsoe shows potential as the new varsity basketball coach. He plays with his son, Preston, who attends Banks Trail Middle School and is on the school’s basketball team. When he attends Fort Mill High Schooland tries out for the school team, Hartsoe says, “It all depends on if he is good enough to make the team it doesn’t matter if he’s my son or not. He has got to have skills just as much as the other players do. “

             So come and show your school spirit for the basketball team. It is sure to be an exciting season and will be something to look forward to. Whether it is something that is needed for a class or if it’s to hang with friends, come to one, if not all, the home games’ it will surely be a thrilling time!


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