Minor league team criticized for controversial name

In Sports on November 22, 2011 at 7:35 pm
 By: Trevor Ottley

Ripping into the basbeall league, The London Rippers get criticized for their offensive name. Photo courtesy of Google images

Recently, a new baseball team inOntario,Canadawas founded, and the coach, David Martin, decided to name it The London Rippers. The logo of the London Rippers is a man in a top hat and a trench coat who closely resembles the 1880s murderer, Jack the Ripper. Ever since the public has heard about the controversial name and logo, the rippers have been getting ripped constantly and unremittingly. Many people, along with the mayor of London, a city police chief and a city manager encourage the rippers to change their name soon. There are already a lot of people who are against the name and don’t support the continuation of the team.

            Martin, the coach of this team, says that the logo is named Diamond Jack, and he likes to “rip” the covers of baseballs off to relieve his frustration of being a hockey player. “Ripping a ball is a term used in baseball all the time,” Martin claims. When Martin was looking for a name for his new team, he didn’t have any public insight, so he just decided to give it his best shot, coming up with the murderous name of the London Rippers.

            Many people throughoutLondonare outraged about this new baseball team and demand that they change their name, or just not play at all. Since Jack the Ripper’s main targets were women, the London Abused Woman Centre were beyond offended. The executive director, Megan Walker, exclaimed, “If they do not change their name, there will be major protests in front ofLabattPark.” She proceeds to call Diamond Jack a “creepy” mascot and also says, “the brand is a major fail.”Walkerstates thatLondonis known for the movement to end violence against women and that having a baseball team named after Jack the Ripper could be promoting violence against women. Apparently, there was a previous baseball team named The London Werewolves, and they failed due to public outrage. If they failed because of their name, it is not likely that the Rippers could last in their league. Martin has been asked to apologize to the community and to London as a whole for the creation of this name. The Rippers’ name could have been a complete misunderstanding and an innocent act, but many people were offended and a name change might be very necessary in order to keep Martin’s team running.


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