How fortunate we are

In Editorials on November 22, 2011 at 7:36 pm

By: Jordan Brown

Students atFortMillHigh Schoolcommonly complain that things around the school are not in the condition they think they ought to be. However, are very fortunate. Sure our school has seen better days and our books are not brand new, but there are schools’ aroundSouth Carolinaand theUnited Statesthat can barely afford to have sports’ teams, theatre programs, art teachers or even fill their libraries with books. We have to remember that somewhere there are people and schools that are less fortunate than we are.

FortMillis one of the top schools in the state, with some of the best students, teachers, administrators and resources. We should act like it. By talking about all the “stuff” we don’t have, why do not we talk about all the “stuff” we do have? For example, we might not have the bathrooms of a five star restaurant, but we do have a class that can make people into five star chefs.FortMilloffers classes that other students will never get the chance to dream about, much less take. We have classes like Film and Fiction, Newspaper, Photography, Television, Marketing, Mock Trail, Health Science and so many more that other schools either can’t afford or do not have teachers to teach them.FortMillstudents should be proud and honored to be at a school that can not only afford these courses, but staff them as well.

"We should all try our best to respect our teachers and other staff members to the best of our ability." Photo courtesy of Julia Applegate

We should all try our best to respect our teachers and other staff members to the best of our ability and also keep the things that are more fragile and aged in the best shape possible. Always try and leave a classroom or a book in better condition than it was found, whether that is investing in a book cover or trying NOT to break a desk. These simple things can save our school money and time. The less money our district is spending trying to fix the things we have broken over the duration of the year, the more money our district will be able to give back to our schools. Treating our school with proper care and compassion will insure that many other students will be able to walk these halls.

            AsFortMillstudents we should be good representatives of our school, and always uphold its integrity and pride. Let’s all be content with what we have to make our school a more positive and pleasurable atmosphere. Remember, we are…FortMill.


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