Fashion: Giving the gift of fashion

In Columns on November 22, 2011 at 7:25 pm

By: Tinsley Tullos         

Gift cards are for the less creative. Give a gift with character; give a gift of fashion. What better way to share fashion than through the art of giving. Boost the holiday generousity with an array of stylish gifts such as scarves, sweaters, mugs and more.


Dozens of fashion novels are available at local bookstores and can range in topics from fashion tips to fashion icon tributes. Photo courtesy of Google images

Knowing that the less expensive items come in smaller sizes is generally a given. This statement most often remains true in the world of fashion. From a fleece pair of gloves to a set of monogrammed stationary, small is not always a bad attribute. Plaid patterns are the best way to go when picking out a pair of gloves. When choosing a stationary set, it is almost as if one is choosing a dress pattern. Stationary can come in just about any color, can have outlined features and can even arrive pre-monogrammed. Clutches with add-ons like chains, jewels and satin touches are sure to make a festive statement.

Simple, yet elegant gifts come in a variety of scarves, dyed fur collars and sample perfumes. It is difficult to come across a person who does not enjoy or cannot find use out of a scarf.  A scarf can be worn with nearly every outfit and can provide warmth at all times no matter what the thickness. This season is full of infinity scarves; scarves that do the work themselves and leave the wrap-around behind. Many of you may wonder what a dyed fur collar might be, or better yet what you would do with one. A dyed fur collar is simply that: a dyed fur collar. Cover your neck with these luxe scarf replacements and tie the accessible string at the bottom for a perfect finish.                                                                                                                                                                         

Not every fashionable item has to be wearable. CD’s, novels and perfume bottles can act as ideal styling gifts. Fashion soundtracks similar to those of BottegaVeneta, include runway beats and extravagant love tales. Dozens of fashion novels are available at local bookstores and can range in topics from fashion tips tofashion icon tributes. One of the most enjoyable gifts I received last year was a copy of Lauren Conrad’s Style along with Whitney Port’s True Whit. Yes perfume is wearable, but these scents most often come in decorative bottles great for shelf displays. Visit old thrift stores and dig deep for archive bottles of perfumes. I once managed to find a small bottle of Chanel No. 5 at an antique mall and gifted it for a friend. While the smell might be awful, the container is just too chic.

Do not forget to pick up a few gifts resembling personal touches like styled mugs, small accessories and hot tea mixes. Make your gift a true holiday gift by bringing in the cheerful aspects of the season. Keep pink and red shades in mind as they are quickly becoming next month’s hue-to-be. If anything, one can never go wrong with jewelry. Merry shopping.


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