Clean up your act

In Editorials on November 22, 2011 at 7:29 pm

By Julia Applegate


As my friends and I walk down the halls of Fort Mill High School, we pass by other students, teachers and administration, but we fail to recognize an important job at Fort Mill; the custodians.

"We fail to recognize an important job at Fort Mill; the custodians." Photo courtesy of Jordan Brown

The custodians at Fort Mill High School work all day to keep the school clean, and when you think about it, our school is quite large. When you take into account all of the bathrooms, water fountains, lockers and classrooms, it adds up to a lot. Fortunately, there is more than one custodian here at Fort Mill, but it is still a mighty tall order to fill in just one work day. Let’s face it, us teenagers are not exactly neat. We tend to leave a mess in our wake that can easily add up if it is not cleaned. When I get to the school earlier than normal to study for a test or for a club meeting, I usually see several custodians out and about already preparing the school for the day ahead. After school as I wait for a friend to finish a test or I change for a practice, I see the custodians cleaning and putting things away. That’s a really long time to just be cleaning when, in comparison, most of us cannot be bothered to clean up the mess in our room.

Without custodians here, the school would have dirt piled a mile high. Students may complain about the dirt in the bathrooms or something that spilled in the hallway, but what we should be doing is looking at all of things that are clean, like the spot in the classroom where you spilled a drink yesterday or the table where your friends left their trash at lunch. Students should recognize the hard work that goes into keeping a building full of bustling teenagers clean.

One way to show that we understand that their task is not easy is to do simple things like cleaning up our trash or cleaning up where we spilt food. These tasks are simple and do not take a long time to do. If everyone does their part in cleaning up after themselves, then that’s one less thing that the custodians have to work on. So, the next time you pass a custodian working late after school, or sweeping the hallways after second block, remember to say hello and thank them for doing their job so well.


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