Miranda Lambert’s revolution

In Entertainment on November 14, 2011 at 8:15 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood


Miranda Lambert, reigning CMA Female Vocalist of the year, has recently become one of the most popular stars in the country music world. Photo courtesy of Google Images

Miranda Lambert, reigning CMA Female Vocalist of the year, has recently become one of the most popular stars in the country music world. Adding to this booming career of hers, she has also been nominated in two categories, including Female Vocalist of the Year, for this years CMA Awards broadcasted November 9. In past years Miranda has been regarded to as a woman who likes to write songs and sing about fuel, guns, ammo, and womanly revenge, making herself have that “bad girl- don’t mess with me” image portrayed. Miranda says though, that that is just one tiny part of who she is and there is so much more for the world to see.

            “That tough girl, the crazy girl, that’s actually my shtick.” Lambert confesses. “That’s what I do but I’m also a good Christian girl fromLindale,Texas. I’m not really going to burn people’s houses down or shoot them with shotguns. It’s like playing a character.” Miranda’s newest album, “Four the Record” was released November 1 this year and through the songs of this album she tries more to portray her other sides as both an artist and a person. Like suggested in the album’s name, this will be here fourth album, containing 14 songs, and as Lambert puts it, “Every song has its own personality.” Six of the 14 she wrote or co-wrote with others, making it more personal than most of her other albums.

            Lambert has had such an explosion of success these past few years and when asked to comment on this success she says, “I just want to sit down and go ‘What just happened to me?’ I am ready for some serious downtime.” Unfortunately though, she says she can’t have that much needed downtime right now because she is trying to capitalize on everything that’s going on. She says she will eventually take the time to take a little break but right now she still has so much to focus on.

            She’s really excited about her “On Fire” tour coming up and she expresses the love for her music and career by saying, “When a crowd can move me and make me feel, I realize I’m not too burnt out, I’m not jaded. I’m still excited to do what I do.”  “Revolution”, Miranda’s third album was the album that changed her entire world and sent her success skyrocketing. Although that was the album that started her stardom she says “Four the Record” is the best one yet because she went into it with no plan and just picked the songs she loved. She wanted the songs to lead her this time and go outside the boundary. “The strategy for “Four the Record,” she says, “was to have no strategy at all.” This new album features many high-profile singers such as, Patty Lovelesss, the ladies from Little Big Town, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Allison Moorer, Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum and so many more.

            “I’m thankful for everything that I did before I had my first No. 1 in 2012,” she says about her earlier career. “I worked, and I learned, and I watched, and I gathered information from other tours and learned who I was as an artist.” Lambert says, “Somebody once asked me if I would change anything and I said, ‘No,’ because every mistake I made and every mistake I didn’t make is why I’m sitting here right now.” Even with all this success Miranda has managed to stay grounded, as well as gotten the chance to walk down the isle with the love of her life, Blake Shelton, in quite a lavish wedding. What is different about her growing fame is that she is one of the few artists that do not take it for granted and enjoy the time she has in the limelight. Make sure to watch this growing star November 9 performing some of her new album releases at the CMA Awards.


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