Fashion: Spring accessories sneak report

In Columns on November 14, 2011 at 8:25 pm

By: Tinsley Tullos

Gear up for 2012’s tribal tones and saturated sorbets in what I’d like to call the accessory hot spot. This season is full of classic trends and low key vibes, that range from designers such as Burberry to Alexander Wang. Plus we’ll get a sneak peak accessory report of Victoria Secret’s 2011 annual runway show that is sure to support the efforts of this coming season’s accessory cause.

“Funny sunnies,” featuring old time cat eyes, rectangular and circular lenses are surely a sight to see. Turn heads while blocking the sun in this truly funny shades. Photo courtesy of Google images

So much talk about Fall and Winter, why not talk about Spring? It is generally a time for light colors and fetish flowers. This coming year takes those ideas into futuristic terms by adding tribal ideals and wrist candy. Tribal touches include clutches, wedges and come in patterns resembling cross hatching and exotic colors. Chunky, clear, wooden and sunny are all features of next season’s wrist candy (a.k.a. bracelets for the clueless.)

Saturated sorbets just sound intriguing. An array of light colors, orange sherbet, mint, sky blue, baby pink and pale yellow are on display in the world of shoes and handbags. Chains, studs and thick stitching are commonly added on the bags. Heavy metals are found harmonizing on sorbet colored shoes. Let’s get white and ladylike with pearly white Mary Janes and stilettos. You will find old time straps, buckles and laces on these toe pointed shoes. Uncover striking metallics when you spot this season’s sandaled heels and going-out bags.

Floral accents are soon to arrive as they do every Spring. Refined and bold are just a few key terms used to describe this season’s floral. Earrings, both large and elaborate, are on the prowl. “Funny sunnies,” featuring old time cat eyes, rectangular and circular lenses are surely a sight to see. Turn heads while blocking the sun in this truly funny shades.

As one of the world’s largest runway productions, this year’s Victoria’s Secret show could only be made possible with a London Jewelers partnership, Swarovski sponsorship, and the creativity of jewelry designer Larry Vrba .The runway is sure to be a mix of intricately bold accessory pieces. The show’s pieces are drawn from themes like “Passion Play,” from Latin American views and “I Put a Spell on You,” inspired by the New Orleans dark and mysterious look. Themes also include “Angels Aquatic,” “Elegant and Expansive” and “Arachnophobes.” For those interested, the show will air on November 29 only on CBS.

This show runs perfectly with the futuristic yet antique themes of 2012. The “Passion Play” idea strings together with the tribal tones while funny sunnies and floral fetishes add to “Angels Aquatic.” These styles go along with Latin American views and playful yet innovative fancies. White ladylike and futuristic styles are always “Elegant and Expansive.” White shades and metallic hints go a long way when it comes to accessory highlights.

Take the accessory challenge and open your mind to a world of advanced themed accessories. I can feel the excitement for the fashion views of Spring 2012; a time of color and a time for boldness. Become lighthearted with “funny sunnies” and chunky “wrist candy.” Show your feminine side with kitten heels and small clutches and take yourself out for a night in the town. I will more than likely be alongside the viewers of this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, and I cannot wait to explore the basis upon next season’s Spring trends.


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