Pushing it too far

In Editorials on October 28, 2011 at 6:48 pm

By: Danzig Decsy

          The teenage years are a time to learn new things, find ideas, and most importantly, develop beliefs. Some of us are more proud of our beliefs than others, so we may have certain inclinations to press our beliefs on our peers. This very situation is the biggest flaw that I personally find with humanity, but mostly with teenagers.

            The main source of this problem is that a hefty number of individuals simply do not know that difference between belief and fact. If something is factual, it is actual and real. A belief is something that is only thought to be fact. In other words, your beliefs are only thought to be true, and no matter what happens, you could be wrong about them.

            Some of you may now be thinking to yourselves that you still know that you’re right about everything, about religion, politics, or even whether Apple or PC makes better computers. If that is indeed your current thought process, I’m afraid that you are part of the problem. A lot of you feel as if it’s your obligation to spread the gospel of your mindset, without the consideration of others. You don’t care how many feelings you hurt, or how many people you put down, or how many hearts you break as long as you let everyone know that you are right. All I can ask is how could you be so childish and naïve?

            It is in our human nature to be curious and to question, not to pick something and just go with it. I have a whopping total of zero respect for anyone that works this way. The people that deserve praise are the ones who don’t know. These people are willing to listen, to change, and to take everyone’s beliefs into consideration. I BELIEVE that these people are the biggest hope for the world, especially in times like these. But if you don’t agree with me, I’m going to have to ask you to deal with it.


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