Gadhafi’s death brings new era into Libya

In Sports on October 28, 2011 at 6:31 pm

By: Drew Marshall

Former dictator of Libya, Moammar Gadhafi held power until being captured and shot by a group of rebels last Thursday. Photo courtesy of Google images

With the recent death of Col. Moammar Gadhafi,Libyamay be headed towards a new state of being. The death of Gadhafi is just the first step towards a new type of government that will controlLibyafor years to come. While controversy surrounds Gadhafi’s death inLibya, theUnited Statesis also under scrutiny as they move troops into the structure-less government.

            Gadhafi’s body was disposed of in a secret location, the military council of Misurata stated on Tuesday. The Libyan interim government did not want to release the resting place of Gadhafi, his son and an aide feared that it would be vandalized or be made into a shrine. Gadhafi was shot last Thursday in his home town ofSurtwhere he had been living since the rebellion forced him to flee the capital. The interim government stated that his murder would be investigated, but it is not likely that the killers will be brought to justice, given that Gadhafi’s death ended a long, brutal dictatorship. His body was available for public viewing for four days after his death.

            TheUnited Statesmoved some forces intoLibyain an effort to rebuild the government to a more stable state.Libyacould easily become a dangerous area to the surrounding countries, much likeSomaliais now. Many citizens may see this move as a replacement for the war on terror and it will lead to another decade of occupation in foreign countries. TheUnited States’ government stretched its mandate to “protect civilians” even further to encompass theLibyasituation. The hope is that the occupation will eventually rebuild the Libyan government into a democracy, rather than a dictatorship.

            The death of Gadhafi will stop the rebels in Libya for the meantime, but eventually a more stable government will be implemented. The interim government cannot withhold power for too long, as the citizens ofLibyamay be prone to violence should the government not adhere to their thoughts. TheUnited Stateswill do their best to help, but only time will tell if the Libyan citizens are prepared for a completely different way of life.


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