Wall Street protesters

In World News on October 20, 2011 at 7:07 pm

By: Kristen Hegel

           Within the past month, the protesters known as the “Wall Street protestors” have invaded areas of New York City, rallying against corporate greed. With thousands gathered, the rally is the largest movement that has ever taken place on Wall Street. So far hundreds of protestors attending “Occupy Wall Street” rally have been arrested.

As the pressure and momentum of the protestors grows, the concern among authorities for public safety is growing as well. Photo courtesy of Google images

             According to reports, the protesters and the grassroots demonstrators are “rallying against income inequality, corporate greed and other social ills appear to be picking up steam.” While the movement has no exact definition, the protesters are generally critical of capitalism. The rally has triggered other protests throughout the United States and even in other countries. The movement has also gained support from unions in New York.

            “It’s really simple. These young people on Wall Street are giving voice to many of the problems that working people in America have been confronting over the last several years,” Larry Hanley, international president of the Amalgamated Transit Union, which has 20,000 members in the New York area, stated. “These young people are speaking for the vast majority of Americans who are frustrated by the bankers and brokers who have profited on the backs of hard-working people, while we battle it out day after day, month after month, the millionaires and billionaires on Wall Street sit by – untouched – and lecture us on the level of our sacrifice.”

           Lately, tension between the protestors and authorities has risen. Several arrests were made over the weekend in Manhattan because the participants were in the way of the city’s routine clean up. The protestors refused to move, believing that the cleanup was a way to get the crowd of 2,000 to leave. “The stakeholders must come together to find a solution that respects the protesters’ fundamental rights, while addressing the legitimate quality-of-life concerns in this growing residential neighborhood,” Daniel Squadron, a representative for the Manhattan and Brooklyn area, said.

          In close-by New Jersey, police had rally participants move their campsite away from a war memorial. In Denver, police removed hundreds of protesters from the state capitol. In New York City, arrests were made for protestors who were obstructing traffic, standing and sitting in the middle of the streets, overturning trash cans and throwing glass bottles.

            As the pressure and momentum of the protestors grows, the concern among authorities for public safety is growing as well. Hopefully the “Occupy Wall Street” rally will continue on a peaceful route so the protesters’ voices can be heard.

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