Is a dress code really necessary?

In Editorials on October 20, 2011 at 6:51 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood

"Covering up your bodies, ladies, is very important for your image and reputation." Photo courtesy of Kristen Hegel

Many students, especially high school girls, do not understand all the dress code rules and regulationsFortMillhas. Girls get so upset and aggravated when teachers send them to the office for dress code for a minor infraction. These may be just minor offenses against the dress code, but it still matters to the school. As a student you need to obey the rules at the school.

            Some of the school dress code rules say that girls should not have on skirts, shorts or holes in jeans that are four inches above the knee. The reason for this is not to tell you what and what not to wear, but to keep you safe and make sure guys are not looking at you in a way they should not be. Giving males the opportunity to see part of your body can give them the wrong impression about you. When girls wear skirts and shorts that are too short, many are not thinking about what guys will think. They are thinking that it will be cool ,and they will not be overheated. On the other hand though, guys become so overwhelmed with seeing so much skin that they seem to go crazy.

            Covering up your bodies, ladies, is very important for your image and reputation. Just think. If you are walking around with a really low-cut shirt that shows too much of your chest along with really short shorts, guys are going to think of you as being a girl that does not really respect herself or her body. Opposite of that though, if you cover yourself appropriately, most males will respect the fact that you care about yourself more than you do about pleasing them.

            Respect is everything in this world for girls of today because there are so many unachievable expectations for women because of the media. Guys want us ladies to dress and act like the girls do in magazines and on television. We are not anything like that though, so we do not need to be trying to portray ourselves and appear as something or somebody we are not. Have respect for yourself and other girls by dressing like a lady and not a floosy. The dress code really is not trying to control how you express yourself through the way you dress, but to keep guys from getting the wrong impression about girls and to keep both girls and guys out of situations they should not be in at the teenage stage of life.

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