Chemistry club

In Campus Life on October 20, 2011 at 7:01 pm

By: Drew Marshall

One of the new clubs at school, Chemistry Club is trying to set up an academic atmosphere in a more casual place. Photo courtesy of Google images

Chemistry Club is new toFortMillHigh Schoolthis year, and it is coming in with a new attitude towards learning science. The new club involves learning about Chemistry and helping others study for their required science courses. Arguably one of the harder science courses, Chemistry can be tough for all students. President Al Lim hopes to broaden the tutoring system for all science students and help them advance their high school careers.

            The one thing that may draw people to Chemistry Club is the labs. Many people enjoy labs, but dislike having to do the write-up portion. In this club, there are no write-ups, so a student can participate in what they find to be the fun parts of the lab. Chemistry Club may sound boring and difficult, but Lim goes out of his way to try to make it more appealing to students. “We do demos, door prizes and labs,” Lim said. The more enjoyable parts of science courses can also be a good way to get your mind off of routine school work, and it can help students remember why they like learning.

            Another part of Chemistry Club is the tutoring and help sessions. Everyone could use a little assistance now and then, and Lim wants the club to be a place where everyone can help everyone else. “I think that we should have a science-related club to allow people to explore that subject area and have a system to go to when they need help with their required science classes,” Lim said. The club also helps students with scholarship opportunities, something that is very hard to come by for college-bound seniors. “There are scholarship opportunities and other competitions which are made available through the club,” Lim stated.

            Science courses can be a drag, but Chemistry Club is looking for a way to solve that. Everyone generally enjoys something about school, and these kinds of academic clubs can remind us of that. After all, learning is a privilege that should be enjoyed by Fort Mill High students. Some have already joined Chemistry Club and are on their way to scholarship opportunities, competitions and fun with their friends. Lim hopes that the club will grow in both leadership and membership. “I understand that Chemistry sounds intimidating,” Lim said,” but it’s really not that bad.”


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