The Avett Brothers

In Entertainment on October 14, 2011 at 7:25 pm

By: Kristen Hegel

            The North Carolina-based band, The Avett Brothers, has gained national popularity in the past few years. The folk-rock band blends bluegrass, rock and roll and even some punk and pop sounds. Scott Avett, Seth Avett and Bob Crawford, three multi-instrumentalists, began creating music a decade ago in Concord, NC. Joe Kwon and Jacob Edwards later joined the trio.

            The brothers’ big-time fame was reached when their album I and Love and Youwas released in 2009. It was their major label debut produced by Rick Rubin. Ever since it was released, they’ve been touring all over theUnited States, even completing aUK tour. They became widely recognized after their unforgettable 2011 Grammy performance with Bob Dylan and the British folk-band, Mumford and Sons. 

The Avett Brothers became widely recognized after their unforgettable 2011 Grammy performance with Bob Dylan and the British folk-band, Mumford and Sons. Photo courtesy of Google images

            The band was greeted by longtime fans at their “homecoming” show inCharlottethis past April. With it being the first time visiting their home state since they left on their tour, the group opened up with a John Denver cover, “Back Home Again.” The show sold out within weeks of the tickets going on sale, just like many of their other concerts.

            Their most recent concert was held this past weekend at the White Oak Amphitheatre inGreensboro,NC. Like at every Avett Brothers concert, the band was energetic, along with everyone in the crowd, which seemed to know every word to every song. The band played its most popular songs, some old ones and its new single “The Once and Future Carpenter.” They opened up by covering the song “Hard Times Come Again no More,” written by Stephen Foster, which set the mood for an emotional concert, considering bassist Bob Crawford will be leaving the band for a while to tend to family issues.

            Crawford’s 22-month-old daughter began her battle against a brain tumor just over a month ago. “Surgeons were able to remove 90% of the tumor and decided to stop there as her vital signs were unsteady,” Crawford said. “Following surgery, she suffered a stroke. Her condition was critical for the next several days as her brain continued to swell. In an attempt to save her remaining good brain she was placed in a coma for five days.” It is not known when Crawford will return to play with band, or who will take his place during his leave of absence.

            “We used to put out an album a year, but now we are on a longer cycle. That means more time for the songs to mature and grow after they are written. This is just the next step for us, whatever that is,” the band stated. For now, fans can only await the release of their next album and keep enjoying the many songs they have already put out over the years.


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