Oklahoma plows over Texas

In Uncategorized on October 14, 2011 at 6:51 pm

By: Drew Marshall

Without much luck, head coach Mack Brown tried to lead his Texas Longhorns to victory but fell well short against Oklahoma. Photo courtesy of Google images

             In a recent rivalry match-up, the highly ranked Oklahoma Sooners overcame a seemingly over-ranked Texas Longhorns team by a score of 55-17. The game was supposed to be one to watch, but it quickly turned into a bloodbath as the Longhorns were plagued by poor plays and turnovers. The Sooners capitalized on almost every opposing mistake and quarterback Landry Jones threw for 453 yards and three touchdowns to lead his team to victory.

            This year, Texas has taken on a new look, hoping to turn around a team that was uncharacteristically bad last year at 5-7. After starting 4-0, it seemed like this team was going to turn it around until they ran into Oklahoma. The Sooners’ defense outscored the Longhorns’ offense by four points, scoring on two interception returns and one fumble return for touchdowns. Young offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin tried to use the same trick plays that he used in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl when he played the Sooners with his last team, Boise State. This time, Oklahoma would not be fooled. Texas’ young quarterbacks Case McCoy and David Ash, dubbed wunderkinds by many, were easily unnerved by the pressure. “It’s usually a great game. I was disappointed today that we didn’t live up to our side of the match,” Texas head coach Mack Brown said.

            As for the Sooners, they were itching to prove that they belonged in the same category as SEC teams like Louisiana State or Alabama. Dismembering the former 11 ranked Longhorns will help their national title argument. One thing that Oklahoma has over the top SEC teams is a strong, veteran quarterback in Landry Jones. Jones has proved to be one of the nation’s top quarterbacks and is making his case for the Heisman trophy. The Sooners certainly looked like they were ready for their own chance on Saturday.

            The lopsided victory in a rivalry game like this one begs the question: are rivalry games overhyped? Certainly no two teams can remain at the same level of competition year after year. Eventually, one team has a down year and they are overmatched by the other and it is present in all rivalries. The media enjoys hyping rivalries, especially this early in the season. The added pressure may have had an impact on the young Longhorns team and that could have affected the game. The Sooners, however, appear looking better than ever, but do they deserve it? The only thing to do is to see if the Sooners can make their case for the national championship even stronger, before the favored teams in the SEC steal their opportunity away.


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