Chiropractic work

In Health & Lifestyles on October 14, 2011 at 6:59 pm

By: Drew Marshall

One of the more common complaints, back pain can lead a person to a chiropractor. Photo courtesy of Google images

Chiropractic work has become a common topic of conversation among many groups of people in recent years. This type of work is supposed to realign one’s back, to relieve them of aches and stress. Many people think that chiropractic work can help their back pain, but others believe the spinal manipulation can help them in other ways as well. Medical doctors have recently claimed that back treatment is becoming a large part of the medical world. Richard Guyer, a spinal surgeon at the Texas Back Institute inPlano, claims that about 60% of his patients have seen a chiropractor before consulting an orthopedic surgeon. It seems that people are seeking help with their back pain outside of his/her standard doctor’s office now more than ever.

            Chiropractic work was originally thought to relieve simple back aches. Many chiropractors believe that bones can become out of line during a strenuous time period, and this can cause irritation. The spinal manipulation can solve the lower back pain that plagues many people. Also, if a person is just plagued by constant stress on one’s back, it can help relieve that weight.

            However, there are reasons to believe that chiropractic work has no better effect on the body than any other medicine. Spinal manipulation may not work for others, and it could just cause some people to experience serious pain. For long term back pain, studies have shown that it is no more helpful than a normal pain relief method. Also, if one were to go to the chiropractor, one would have to keep up with his/her back exercises to maintain healthy vertebrae. Some people may not have the time to do this, and medicine would be a much easier alternative.

            The question is if chiropractic treatment will help someone with back problems. The key is to try other forms of treatment before going to a chiropractor. Ice, heat and exercise can be just as effective as the chiropractor for minor back problems. Also, if the work helps one’s back only for a short term, one will just desire more work once the original effect wears off. Chiropractic work, essentially, supplies one with short-term relief, but it may not have the long-term effects that may be necessary.


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