Spirit week 2011 wrap up

In Campus Life on October 7, 2011 at 6:58 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood

"All in all though, Spirit Week 2011 was a week students will never forget, as well as many more to come." Photo courtesy of Brian Kivett

The one week that students want to last forever at Fort Mill is the one that goes by the quickest for everyone. All the other school days seem to just drag on and drain the life out of students. Spirit Week is the time students look forward to the most. Students from other schools say their spirit week cannot be compared with Fort Mill’s. Fort Mill students are the most enthusiastic and have the most school spirit.

            This year’s Spirit Week felt like it was more intense than those in the past years at FMHS. It might just be because it was a different experience for many, and there was a lot of conflict between the Seniors and Juniors. The reason for all this hostility between these two grades is because of close judgment in all the scores of each day. For the very first day the Juniors and seniors ended up tying for first with 1300 points. The second day, the Juniors advanced on the Seniors by 100 points at 2700 while the poor Freshman leveled at 1100, and Sophomores ended up with 2200. Continuing onto the third day of Spirit Week, class day, was where juniors gained extra points from Seniors not even placing. Seniors with 3700 and Juniors with 3900, rose this tension higher and higher. Unfortunately, the freshmen still lingered along at a mere 2300 points while the Sophomores had advance to 3100. Now here comes Thursday, group day, the day where the Junior/Senior tension was at its highest peak. Seniors thought they had it in the bag. Libbi Domer, Senior who participated as as nurse in the senior citizens group, said “I thought there was no way the Juniors’ ‘Thriller’ montage could beat the huge group we had for senior citizens, and when they beat us I figured it was just rigged to scare the Seniors into thinking we weren’t going to win at pep rally. Which didn’t work because everybody knows the Seniors win pep rally every year, regardless of the scores.”

            Onto the greatest and final day of the week, Blue and Gold day. This was the day of the pep rally and the Homecoming football game. To end this five days of fun and spirit, as well as a little bit of competition, the Seniors finished the week out with a total of 7700 points, which greatly surpassed the Juniors’ mere 6800 total points achieved during Spirit Week. Sophomores ended up with 5500 points and Freshmen 4000.

            Nevertheless, seniors still came up on top and kept their title of “We run this house!” The Seniors were, honestly, never worried that they were going to be beat by the Juniors because it was their time, and Seniors always win homecoming week. All in all though, Spirit Week 2011 was a week students will never forget, as well as many more to come. Hopefully after the Seniors of 2012 leave Fort Mill, students will keep up the spirit and still make Fort Mill’s spirit week the best, making every other school jealous of how awesome Fort Mill High School is.


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