Hawaii Five-0

In Entertainment on October 7, 2011 at 6:55 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood

Tune in on CBS Mondays at 10 p.m. to watch Hawaii Five-0 Photo courtesy of Google images

One of the new phenomenon this year and past year is the new hit television show Hawaii Five-O. The show is elevated by a light atmosphere, adventure, good cast chemistry and a gorgeous island location. It has the name of the original but is its own show in a different way. Like the original show, it’s still about a special task force sponsored by the Governor of Hawaii that’s able to bypass much of the bureaucratic red tape of law enforcement to pursue high profile criminals. This can present many, many different storyline possibilities. Like all striking dramas of today’s entertainment business, there is an underlying mystery concerning the murderers of lead character, Steve McGarrett’s, parents.

            Alex O’Loughlin plays McGarrett who is an alpha male Navy SEAL who took the Five-O job to find out the truth behind his father’s murder. His father was a HPD detective who was working on rooting out corruption that was revealed in season two’s episode one show. It’s lead to the governor who was in alliance with the biggest criminal in Hawaii, Wo Fat, and much of the rest of the United States.

            Season one left us when one of McGarrett’s collegues, Kono, who was arrested for her participation with McGarrett in robbing a police evidence locker in attempt to save her cousin, Chin-Ho, as well as another collegue of McGarrett on the Five-O teams life. The Five-o was disbanned, so Chin-Ho rejoined the HPD in order to keep McGarrett filled in on the inside of cases.

            As the only cast member to get an Emmy nod, Scott Caan, who plays Danno, is McGarrett’s partner in everything they do. He is always there to have McGarrett’s back, but struggles with an internal conflict of his status quo with his kid and ex-wife. Nevertheless, this doesn’t effect his bromance with McGarrett because they are always there for each other.

            Many people say they were surprised last year by how Hawaii Five-O grabbed them and how they were hooked from the first show. This is a show that features action with a little bit of romance to keep the ladies interested, like the looks of O’Loughlin doesn’t already do that. It is definitely a show worth watching, so tune in on CBS Monday nights 10p.m. eastern time.


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