Pick your battles

In Editorials on September 23, 2011 at 6:51 pm

By: Drew Marshall

            Even though it’s early in the school year, students are still plagued with stress. School work can be tough sometimes, for everyone, and students deal with it every day. The thing that is really hard, though, is dealing with it. Everyone deals with stress differently because not everyone has the same kind of response to it. Some people can shrug it off as if it’s no big deal, and others obsess over it like it is everything. The key is to find a healthy median.

            I know I have been plagued by stress a lot during my past three years here at Fort Mill. Teachers seem to weigh you down at times, and it is easy to be overwhelmed. High school, however important, is not your entire life. This does not, however, justify not doing your best. If I could change one thing about my past few years in high school, it would be to try harder in school. It really pays off ,and you will thank yourself for it in the future. The difficult part is achieving a balance. If grades begin to overcome your life, just relax. One grade does not define you; are much more complex than that. There’s nothing you can do but to do your best. If I have learned one thing during my time in high school, it’s that you cannot be defined by grades. School is not about grades. In your career, high school grades will probably not matter very much, if at all. Just remember to do your best and everything will work out.

            There is also an opposite to this: people who do not try very hard at school. I am very well aware that some people do not care much for school and would prefer to coast their way through. I do not understand how people can take such opportunities for granted. I am not a huge fan of going to school every day, as nobody is, but I enjoy being challenged and learning new things. People who attend Fort Mill High are given certain opportunities, and they should take advantage of them. Later in life, people will be judged on their work ethic, so it’s best to learn one now. Work ethic is one of the most admirable qualities about people, and it’s one of the things for which I strive for. Nobody can have a perfect work ethic, but as long as you give your best, that’s all that anybody can ask of you.

            The students at Fort Mill will be challenged. The teachers here are not easy and are sure to put you to the test. A happy median is the holy grail atFortMilland at any school. One should not obsess about grades, but he/she should also not give up on school completely. I enjoy receiving good grades as much as anyone else, and I try everyday to get them. If I do not, I’m disappointed in myself, but there’s nothing to be done then. So, to anyone who is stressed out or the opposite, try to pick and choose your work carefully. Teachers don’t expect you to know everything about the subject, so put forth the effort to learn what they want you to learn. This will take the weight off of you, and you can spend less time studying only what you need to. This way, you can stop being stressed and get back to enjoying your time at Fort Mill High School.


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