Fashion: Ever eclectic

In Columns on September 23, 2011 at 6:58 pm

By: Tinsley Tullos

            Eclectic: a person who derives ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. I have been categorized numerous times in my life as to what kind of style I support, but to be honest I support them all. One should use his/her experiences, studies and desires to create a diversified and intriguing look. Clothes should not be used as defiance for oneself, but rather as an enhancement.

One should use his/her experiences, studies and desires to create a diversified and intriguing look. Photo courtesy of Google images

            Motorcycle boots today, lace tights tomorrow, high-wasted pants the next day and dreads in a month. The world is ever evolving and style is to be also. One should try anything and everything, be innovative, chose the option to match or not match, and overdress; all in the name of fashion. One might wear leather jean leggings with an oversized t-shirt and a pair of wedged heels. One might create a jacket out of post-it notes. One might wear a checkered hat with checkered shoes, or one might wear a noodle print with a stripe print. One might then dress up for school, dress up to go to the grocery store or dress up just because it makes him/her feel good.

            Color is also to be embraced. As for me, I am inspired by the jet blue on the doorways of homes all across the country of Greece. Although I have not been there, I proceed to use the color as inspiration. It is equally important to be age-conscientious about attire choice, but one must still believe that age is just a number. Jewelry from great aunts, grandmothers, and even mothers are, in most cases, of better quality and level of elegance.

            In most circumstances, creating wonder is often a favorite of mine. I have learned to trust myself and my decisions as to how far I can test the limits of my everyday style. I take risks even if I regret them later. What I find most important is to refrain from allowing my clothes to wear me, and instead use them to show my confidence from within.

            Whatever one should chose to wear, he/she should chose with little intention of acceptance in order to brave ridicule and embrace his/her full potential. Style is a direct result of personality, and it should always shine through. If all else fails, one should be able to pull out his/her best accessory: a smile.


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