Rally in the valley

In Campus Life on September 19, 2011 at 6:03 pm

By: Courtney Harrington

On Saturday, September 10, Fort Mill High School students attended Rally in the Valley at Clemson University where they participated in a variety of events. Photo courtesy of Google images

            On Saturday, September 10,FortMillHigh Schoolstudents traveled toClemson,South Carolinato take part in Rally in the Valley atClemsonUniversity. Rally in the Valley is an annual event forFortMillstudents which is headed by FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Students get to take part in a variety of events at Clemson, the main attraction being a ticket to a home game.

            Last Saturday, students filled up aFortMillbus early that morning to depart on the drive to the little town ofClemson, S.C. The day ahead of them was packed with activities from listening to music performances to getting the opportunity to hear the message of a well known speaker, not to mention getting to watch the Clemson Tigers take on the Wofford football team inDeath Valleythat afternoon.

            When the students arrived in Clemson, they filed into Littlejohn Coliseum where the music was being performed by the Southern Wesleyan University Singers and Wendy Willis Rausch. FortMillstudents were able to take part in worship with other students from schools all around the state. Following the music, Lee Clamp, also a Clemson graduate, appeared as the guest speaker for the day and delivered a message to the students. “He kept you awake,” sophomore Jordan Brown stated. Brown told the Loudspeaker that she personally knew Clamp due to an encounter at a church camp this past summer. “The message he gave was really good and I enjoyed learning new Bible verses,” Brown explained. Clamp is now a youth pastor inBarnwell,S.C.

            Rally in the Valley is also a great promotion forClemsonUniversity. With the students being exposed to the campus, the teenagers have the opportunity to imagine themselves attending the University. Brown expressed the importance of staying open-minded when it comes to a person’s college education. The students were exposed to the “Clemson life” throughout the campus, as well as the fans tail-gating before the football game.

            Rally in the Valley has always been known as fun event forFortMillstudents. They get the chance to meet and spend the day with new people and enjoy their presence throughout the day. The day was simply described as “moving, but fun.” This time next year, make sure to sign up for Rally in the Valley to get the chance to experience such an amazing opportunity.


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