Bush and Obama remember 9/11

In World News on September 16, 2011 at 7:05 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood

"Unity was a big part of what happened on September 11, 2001. President Obama and former President Bush helped to show our nation what unity looks like as they came together in remembrance of the fallen soldiers, citizens, and heros on September 11,2011." Photo courtesy of Yahoo images

On September 11, 2001, the United States of America was forever changed. When the Twin Towers were hit by two hijacked planes and collapsed to the ground, our country was dramatically altered.

            Last spring, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama went to Ground Zero days after the killing of Osama bin Laden to honor those who had fallen in the terrorist attacks. On this day, President Obama expressed that, “It didn’t matter who was in charge, we were going to make sure that the perpetrators of that horrible act received justice.” Obama had sent former President Bush an invitation to join him during this time but Bush declined, choosing to keep a low profile since leaving office. Bush wishes to stay out of politics and out of the public spotlight, Although, he recently gave an interview to National Geographic of his reflection on this tragedy in our country. Bush said, “September the 11 affected my presidency, and it caused… it caused me to make many decisions. Some of which were extremely controversial. All of which were designed to protect the homeland. I didn’t have a strategy. I was living day by day.”

            After Obama spoke at the commemorating ceremony Sunday, Bush took the stage and recited a letter given from Abraham Lincoln in 1864 to a mother who lost five sons in the U.S. Civil war. At this ceremony former President Bush and his wife, Laura, walked alongside the Obamas through the newly opened 9/11 memorial plaza. They paid their respects to the fallen soldiers in the attacks and paused somberly at the bronze parapets that surround the giant reflecting pools, which now stand at the exact footprints of the former twin towers.

            This remembrance was poignant and solemn and marked first time former President Bush and President Obama visited the site of the former World Trade Center towers together. Having this visit together seemed to unite the families and will be remembered by a gesture of Michelle Obama talking with Laura Bush as she broke down in tears. This helps show America to be united and stay united as a country and know that as strong Americans we will no longer be controlled by fear in this country. Americans are now much stronger as a country and have more faith in and support of our leaders further in their hard decisions that they are required to make everyday to maintain all our Americas freedoms.


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