Fort Mill football

In Editorials on September 2, 2011 at 7:28 pm

By: Kristyn Blackwood

"Our football players need to know that we think they will win and we need to boost their confidence." Photo courtesy of Kristen Hegel

Football season has come to a roaring start! Who is excited about that first home game? I know I am. Everyone knows this Friday is Fort Mill’s first home game against Ridgeview High School. Now, We all know Fort MIll’s reputation from last year’s season; they were good but not great. Although the playoffs was a disappointment, our boys still need everyone’s support, especially at home games. Maybe it is our support that will push the boys to victory.

            I remember being a freshman and not really caring about the games. This was mainly because I did not care to be involved in anything at the school; a good reason to get involved in something this year. I am on dance team this year and the whole week before a game I am so excited. Going to a Fort Mill football game is for the experience and it is also a chance to hang out with your friends.

            I definitely feel like our 2011-2012 seniors need to step it up and show our freshman and sophomores what school spirit is. IfFortMillstudents would have more school spirit, I bet our football team would be more confident and play better, hopefully raking in the wins. Just because spirit week is not until the last week of September does not mean you cannot show school spirit.

            Last year our seniors had so much school spirit and losing them this year was a devastating blow to our team’s morale. Our football players need to know that we think they will win and we need to boost their confidence. While they are on the field they feed off of our cheers and chants led by the cheerleaders, and this year the cheerleaders will be joined on the sidelines by the dance team for the entire game! So senior girls go help paint up our UDP guys who have the most spirit and let’s hope for a better season this year. I know we all want our senior year to go out and start with a bang. Let’s up the school spirit and make all those underclassmen remember us forever and feel lost without the 2011-2012 seniors next year.

            Make sure you come to the first home game for the 2011-2012 season and support your Yellow Jackets in all your blue and gold attire, September 2 at 7:30 p.m. Show Ridgeview High School to be afraid of our Yellow Jacket Sting!


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