Can we take a break?

In Campus Life on September 2, 2011 at 7:36 pm

By: Drew Marshall

        The new school year has just started and some people are ready to take a break. The back to school vibe is still among students and the new work ethic is still sticking around. When school starts back, plenty of students try to work harder this year and many will succeed. The school year, however new, will always plague students with homework and notes. Labor Day weekend is coming up and that will give students a chance to refresh themselves and prepare for a great school year.

Some students may feel rushed in to the new school year and the upcoming Labor Day weekend will help them recover from the back to school chaos. Photo Courtesy of Google images

            Most students atFortMillHigh Schoolhave the same mantra: work hard at school and make it to the weekend with some good grades. School is not all about grades though, as many students enjoy many of their classes. This upcoming long weekend will not go to waste on the student body, as many of them are already prepared to get out of their classes. Many people think that Seniors have it easy, with the simplest classes. “Chemistry class has seemed really long and it makes the day go by slowly,” Senior Persephone McCollough says. Obviously, Senior year is not as easy as it seems and even though students are close to the finish line, they still need to do their schoolwork like anyone else.

            Underclassmen also returned to school with a new attitude, hoping to start off the new school year on the right foot. After two weeks though, they are all ready for even the slightest break. “I look forward to the time away from school and a break from the back to school business,” Sophomore Sean Crosby said. The time away from school will be enjoyed by many underclassmen that still aren’t quite prepared to get back in the swing of things. Junior Lauren Anderson said,” I’m already tired of homework and taking notes in class.”

            The upcoming time off may be relished by all, but maybe not quite as much as the Freshman class. Their time in high school has been short lived, and while some pack it in for the long haul, others settle in to their time waiting for the weekend. “I’m looking forward to playing video games and getting a break from homework,” Freshman Caleb Hinkley. The Freshman class should take a hint from some of the older students and prepare themselves for a tough year of schoolwork that is headed their way.

            People who aren’t in school may think Labor Day is a waste of a long weekend for students who just started school two weeks ago. The students, however, relish the brief time off. The back to school vibe has finally gone away and the daunting reality of school is settling into everyone’s minds. The idea of a new school year can intimidate a lot of students, so it is important for them to take an early break and regroup, before coming back to hard work. Hopefully, all the students atFortMillHigh Schoolwill use the upcoming long weekend to recharge and come back to school on Monday ready for the long semester.


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