When to let go

In Editorials on January 7, 2011 at 8:14 pm

By: Molly Lotierzo

"Choosing to fight for this person or deciding just to move on is never easy"Photo courtesy of Melody Nesbit

Have you ever been stuck in a situation with a boy or girl and you don’t know whether to stick around? Choosing to fight for this person or deciding just to move on is never easy. In high school many teenagers tend to fall in love; their relationship lasts for a year or more until everything starts to fall apart.

            The relationship tends to start falling apart when you start getting sick of each other, when one or both go off to college, when one cheats or when it’s just not working anymore. When you’re with someone for a while, they are the only person you see yourself dating. When the relationship is over, the break up is the hardest thing.  You keep trying to get them back and nothing works, what do you do?

            Many girls and guys will want to beg and are willing to do anything for the one they want to be with and love.  Most girls will do whatever it takes to get them back. They will beg, tell them they will do anything they ask and make them feel bad. They will constantly tell that person they love them and really want to be with them, tell them how happy they were with that person.

            I’ve experienced this situation recently; I have been with someone for over a year.  I told him I would do anything to get him back no matter what it was and would do whatever it took. I would try to do anything to get him to notice me. It’s really hard to give up someone you truly love and will always care about. I’ve learned it the hard way. I have started to realize that if the person you love does not want to be with you anymore, it will be okay. They will always care about you and love you. They may want to experience high school and not want to be in a relationship. They may always just want to focus on their school work or sports. You have to respect their decisions and move on. You have your whole life to fall in love, so don’t rush things. Right now it may seem like he/she may be the world to you, but it’s just a high school relationship.

            As a teenager in high school you may think your relationships are going to last forever; they may or may not, but you learn from your mistakes. Never drop anything or anyone for someone you love. I’m not saying you should not do anything for them, but you shouldn’t do everything for them.  In relationships you give them your heart and they have the choice to keep it and love it or give it back and move on. It’s your choice what you do. Never beg for someone who doesn’t beg for you.


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