Violent criminals in York County

In Local News on January 7, 2011 at 8:12 pm

The alleged felon, John Harfield in the courtroom. Photo courtesy of The Herald.

By:  Kenya Williams

Two criminals, John Devante Harfield, 26 years old, and Ted Coit, also 26 years old, are charged on several counts.  Harfield faces over 40 charges, including home invasions in Rock Hill, stealing a lawn mower, go-kart and trailer in Fort Mill, and thefts in Lake Wylie that led up to a manhunt.  More than 20 of Harfield’s charges were kidnapping, attempted murder, burglary and criminal conspiracy. 

            The two alleged felons attended a very long preliminary hearing in a York County courtroom.  If found guilty of all the charges, Harfield will face more than 100 years to be served in prison. Judge Lee Alford contradicted Harfield’s bond in November, in fear that he may endanger the community.  Coit faces more than 20 charges. Both Harfield and Coit remain in jail. 

            Kevin Brackett, a solicitor, said that Harfield is a very dangerous man involved in serious cases, one involving a plan to murder a man during a home invasion on Albright Road of Rock Hill in July.  In that situation, a teenager on her couch watching television and another woman were tied with electrical cords, and a young girl sleeping in bed with her mother was kidnapped.  Deputy solicitor, Willy Thompson, said one of the victims was tasered, dragged out of bed, shot twice and almost killed.

            In October, on Blucher Circle in Clover, a theft of tires and rims was interrupted after police arrived Harfield and Coit were arrested for the attempt.  Probable cause was found on a grand larceny charge for the thefts in Fort Mill, when a trailer, go-kart and lawn mower were stolen.  Harfield was also tied to two home invasions in Rock Hill involving Eric Patterson and Earl Denzell Crockett, where Harfield was said to be the leader by a confidential source.  The community won’t be in danger of John Devante Harfield any time soon.


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