New Year’s Resoltuions

In Editorials on January 7, 2011 at 8:28 pm

By: Lauren Kirby

"Each year millions of people all over the world make a resolution for the New Year. " Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

      Each year millions of people all over the world make a resolution for the New Year. Most of the time people choose to cut out bad habits or plan to lose weight. A lot of people make these plans, but the challenge is whether they can really do it.

            This year I’m sure a lot of people are hoping to find new jobs and promising themselves to have more money at this time next year with the way our economy has hurt everyone. A common resolution that so many decide to do is lose weight. Even for people that are not actually overweight, a lot of people just want to get into shape and become healthier. If you are someone like this and hoping to meet your goal this year, there are many local gyms that are not just willing to lower membership prices but also provide trainers who can help lead you in the right nutrition direction.

            Some other resolutions for a lot of people are to quit a bad habit, like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. These are both major goals and also very difficult ones. For someone to realize that it is time to cut things like this out of his or her life is already a big step, but to actually go through with it is even bigger. Goals like these take more just deciding to actually achieve them; it takes a lot of self motivation and mostly getting help from others. Things like the patch or even nicotine gum can be the easiest way to cut out tobacco. For those in need of some extra help, such as alcoholism, there are always rehabilitation centers with open doors.

            Lastly, a major New Year’s resolution or something a lot of men and women hope for is to find love in the upcoming year. For some, they just plan to finally put themselves out there and others will decide to settle down.

            Whatever your goal may be, try to stick with it. If it is truly worth it and you work hard enough then anything can happen. Remember with a little motivation and some good support, you can take on any obstacle and achieve any goal.


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