It’s finally here

In Campus Life on January 7, 2011 at 8:39 pm

By: Austin Hazen

There are a lot of things going on at Fort Mill High School towards the end of this semester. We have end of course testing, exams, and of course what all seniors look forward to, senior exam exemptions. With only one more semester to go until our seniors graduate, we can expect a lot of senioritis to appear.

For all of our non-seniors they have EOC’s coming up in this next week. We have already had the English 1 portion as of yesterday. Biology 1 will be on January 7, Algebra 1, Algebra Tech 2, US History will be on January 10 and last but certainly not least will be Physical Science on January 11. These will all count 20% of your final grade so make sure to take your time and try your hardest.

Next week are exams; teachers will be having exam reviews on Monday and Tuesday while exams will take place on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday is going to be a full day and Thursday will be our half day; there will be no school that Friday. On Wednesday you will first go to your first period exam then a ten minute break and you’re off to 2nd block exam.

On Thursday, when you get to school you will be immediately going to your 3rd block class to take the exam and then you will get a ten minute break and finish with your 4th block exam.

All seniors have the opportunity to exempt exams, so get excited if you’ve kept up your grades. Now like everything else, there is a catch. To exempt exams, you have to have no more than 3 unexcused absences for the term, you can’t have been suspended or sent to ISS during the term and last but not least, your average in that class has to be at least an 85. So, for all of you that have worked so hard to get good grades, it is finally paying off.

Remember to get a good night’s rest before exam days. A healthy breakfast on the morning of is not a bad idea either. Don’t forget to take your time and work your hardest this last semester seniors because if you slack your done and there is no going back. Your parents want to see you walk across that stage so make it happen.


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