What are students doing over break?

In Campus Life on December 17, 2010 at 8:16 pm

By: Lauren Kirby

       Winter Break is finally here and surely the students at Fort Mill High School have a number of things planned. Most teenagers get excited about just getting to have a rest from school and stay at home, but for others they are doing things like working or going on vacation.

            If you are one of the many students that will be staying in Fort Mill this break, there are many things around town to keep you entertained. Ice skating and shopping with all of your Christmas money are just two ways that you can be spending your time. If you are looking for ways to stay warm, there are a ton of new films just hitting the theaters, such as Burlesque and Love and Other Drugs. When asked how they would be spending their vacation, Senior Hannah Burke said, “I’ll be at home mostly spending the holiday with my family and then I’m flying to Boston to spend New Years with my best friends.”

            A lot of students get to spend part of their vacation away from home, either visiting family or maybe even going away as a gift. For most people, their Winter break is the only time they get to take vacation. Going to the mountains for people in our area is always a fun thing to do, especially because we don’t see snow that often. For others, getting away from this cold weather is at the top of their list. “My family and me always spend the second week of break in Hawaii; it’s nice to get some sun in the winter,” Senior, Madisyn Kellough, shared.

            For some students at Fort Mill High School, getting to plan how they will spend their vacation away from school isn’t an option. The students who have obligations like jobs don’t quite get to have much time for themselves. When asked if she had any exciting plans for the break, Senior Amanda Constantine stated, “unfortunately I’ll be working for most of my break but I am really excited to spend New Years with my friends.” Those who do have a job to obtain to are lucky because that gives them an opportunity to earn back some money they have spent. Whether you are traveling, working, or just hanging out around the house this holiday, make sure to have a safe vacation.

  1. Good point everyones treasure of happiness comes from many different perspectives. Safetyness, Happiness, Health, Friends and Family how fortunate we are. Love You

  2. Yo disfrutado de la pausa. fue bueno. me gusta no hay clases.

  3. Esto es un artículo geat! Ella tiene un montón de buenas ideas para las actividades durante las vacaciones.

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