Funky food

In Health & Lifestyles on December 17, 2010 at 7:37 pm

By: Victoria Pan

Found in Cambodia, tarantulas are fried and sold as a delicious snack for people passing by. Photo courtesy of Google images

Even though we don’t realize it, most of us are picky eaters. When it comes to school lunches, soggy burgers and deformed chicken fill the trays, and the hungry feeling that we seemed to have just five minutes ago suddenly drops. Even the slightest color change of the tomatoes in a salad or slimy okras can start a series of gags. If these foods look grotesque to you, China’s bird nest soup is sure to give you a scare. Although it might be abnormal to us, there are foods from all over the world that we have never even heard of or imagined.

There is a big black spider on your bed, and your first instinct tells you to smash it. How about you eat it? This may seem like a crazy idea, however, in Cambodia this is a delicious snack. Tarantulas are found in the jungles surrounding the market town of Skuon. They are fried with garlic, and salt is added. These hairy arachnids attract many people on their way to other places and only cost a few cents. They are said to taste like chicken or crickets, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

Octopus is a fairly common seafood dish, that is if it is cooked. In Korea, live octopus is cut into many pieces while it is still alive and served with sesame oil. The tentacles, however, are still seen squirming on the plate. Eating the live octopus is a big challenge both mentally and physically. Grasping the tentacles with your chopsticks and getting them to go in your mouth is already a challenge. As the tentacles wiggle in your mouth, suction cups might stick to the mouth or throat and could be a choking hazard.

In Iceland, puffins are the tasty treat. Home to one of the world’s largest population of puffins, “sky fishing” is a sport involving catching low flying birds with a net. When the puffin is caught, its neck is broken, it is skinned and the heart is eaten raw. The puffin itself can be smoked, grilled or fried.

The eggs that we eat are boiled just before they hatch, so that’s why our yolk and chicken fetus is in the liquid state. However, eggs in the Philippines are cooked when the fetus is older, and it begins to develop claws, bones, feathers and a beak. Just like we sell hotdogs, Filipinos go around town pushing carts and chanting “Balut! Baluuuut!”. This is supposedly very good and has high amounts of protein.

The most unique of all the foods must be the baby mice wine. It isn’t just called baby mice wine for nothing; it actually has dead mice in it. It is found in Korea and China, and it is believed to cure health issues.

So the next time you come across a lumpy brown tomato or you see a cockroach creeping from under the bed, just think, this might be food to countries in other parts of the world!


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