Thinking of others

In Editorials on December 14, 2010 at 8:00 pm

By:Austin Hazen

Austin Hazen talks about thinking of others instead of ourselves. Photo courtesy by AJ Williford

How many times have you thought about someone else’s life before your own? I’m guessing not that often because most people think about themselves first. This may not be because they are selfish, but because it’s the first person they notice. When we complain about not having the latest iPod update or the coolest phone, there are people in other countries getting trafficked and abused.

            In other places in the world, there are more slaves right now than there have ever been throughout all of history. Children and their parents are getting separated and sexually abused. It’s sad to think about all the things we have, such as shelter, food, clothes and freedom, when other people in the world don’t. Do you ever stop and think about them? Are they really any different for us? Well the answer is no, they are not. We are all humans, and the majority of trafficked/abused people never did anything to deserve it.

            I know that I have gone through life always wanting more, for that new jacket to a new phone; having more is all that goes through my head. When I started thinking about other people in the world, I stopped and realized how self- centered I had become. This Christmas I plan on giving money to a cause that can help stop trafficking, AIDS and world hunger instead of spending it on my own wants.

            There are so many different things out in our world today with which people are battling. This Christmas, take some time to think about the people that don’t have the necessities to live and how many of us do. It’s time for us to put others before ourselves. Do not be all about you this Christmas help out a family in need or donate cans to a local food drive. It all matters, don’t think it doesn’t. You can make a difference in someone’s life and not even know it. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”-Ghandi


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