Duo Suicide Bombers

In World News on December 14, 2010 at 7:52 pm

by: Tyler Dossett

On December 6, two Pakistani militants dressed as police officers entered a government building in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing and wounding several people. The attack took place in Mohmand, an area of Pakistan that is said to be “infested” with Pakistani militants, during a meeting being held to discuss the creation of an anti-Taliban militia between tribal elders. Local tribesmen were the targets for the planned attack due to being encouraged by the government to defend it against the Taliban.

50 people lost their lives in the attack, and over 100 people were injured, most in critical condition. “There were two bombers on foot. The first man entered the office and detonated while the other man blew up as guards caught him,” Amjad Ali Khan said, a top government official in the Mohmand area who was said to be the main target for the attack. So many people lost their lives because the two bombers vests were filled with bullets. “These bullets killed everyone who was hit,” Khan said.

            There was said to be a “deafening” sound as the explosives were set off. One of the people wounded in the attack was 45 year-old Qalandar Khan, who only came to visit a cousin being held as a prisoner. Instead he was wounded by the second explosion in the process. Once the explosives went off, they caused a cloud of smoke and dust. “All that was heard was the cry of people in the background, past the ringing in your ears,” Khan said. As he was lying in ahospital bed soaked in blood. He added that there were dozens like him, lying on the ground screaming and crying.

Mohammad Khalid Khan said the injured and dead included tribal elders,police officers and lower ranked political officials. Pakistan’s army has said they have weakened Al Qaida’s grip on its Pakistani Taliban militants, whose goal is to destroy their government, backed by the U.S. but analysts say they aredoubtful when attacks such as this take place.


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