Wannabe Barney Fife

In Local News on December 3, 2010 at 8:31 pm

By: Tinsley Tullos

Charged with two counts of impersonating a police officer is Robert Kerber. Photo courtesy of Google images

On the morning of November 18, in Fort Mill, South Carolina, 20-year-old Robert Kimbrell Kerber was discovered impersonating a police officer, targeting innocent victims along Doby’s Bridge Road.  Kerber had stolen his father’s fire chief badge and vehicle around 3 AM that morning, “to get something to drink,” as he recalls.

            Kerber stopped two people, a 40-year-old Lancaster man and a frightened woman between the hours of 3 and 4 AM. The woman claims that Kerber followed her for quite some time before hitting the lights and sirens. The woman was reluctant and instead continued driving and called the police, with whom she later met in Lancaster.

Kerber quickly moved onto the next victim, the man from Lancaster, when he pulled him over and stated that he was an undercover officer working to investigate drug-related activity. The man demanded to see Kerber’s identification, only to be flashed with what he thought was a real badge. However, he still found the situation a bit suspicious. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Kerber appeared to be wearing normal clothing and a jacket with the “FD” logo on it as it was later discovered in the stolen vehicle.

The son of Fort Mill Fire Chief Ken Kerber resided in jail Monday with a bond of $105,000 and the charging of two counts of impersonating an officer. Chief Kerber refused to comment, but his son denied turning on any lights or showing any kind of badge. Kerber did, however, admit to the possibility of accidentally turning on the siren. It is unclear whether or not he has an attorney or if he had been intoxicated. While Kerber waits in jail for a bond post, the investigation continues.


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