Can your story really fit on one page?

In Editorials on December 3, 2010 at 8:14 pm

"When you are applying for colleges one of the most dreaded parts on the application is the essay." Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

By:Lauren Kirby

     When you are applying for colleges one of the most dreaded parts on the application is the essay. Throughout the entire application, the schools give you numerous questions; questions that can be easily answered with a simple yes or no. The essay part to the application is extremely stressful. So many questions are going through your head; do I make them feel sorry for me or do I schmooze them by basically bragging about all of my achievements?

When it comes to the final portion, you normally get to pick between two topics. The schools so generously give you two options, to either tell them about your background growing up or tell them one thing you haven’t already told them about yourself. Either way you get just enough space to basically sum up your entire life into a one-page essay. Recently, I’ve found myself struggling with what to write about in order to help colleges understand me a little better.

            There are so many things I want to share with them about myself but it’s hard to choose just one thing. I can’t imagine this being an easy task for anyone who is applying to college right now. It has  taken me a few months of brainstorming to come up with ideas that I think are important for schools to know. If you are a student like me and you know what your major is going to be then you should write about something that shows the school you are an adequate choice for the program.

For instance, I’m hoping to major in Journalism and Mass Communications. Once I picked what program I wanted to be a part of, I got help from a teacher on where to begin with my essay. After receiving assistance from one of my teachers, we were able to decide on a topic that would help me point out my best qualities for the school. I chose to tell the college’s one thing about myself that I hadn’t already told them. Once I got started it was easy for me to come up with something to talk about. I wrote to the schools about how being in journalism helped me find my way through life, it showed me something I was good at and made me work hard. These are the kinds of things colleges are looking to hear, especially when applying to specific schools inside of a college.

            So if you are like me and you are either applying to colleges or just don’t know where to start then my first bit of advice would be to talk to a teacher or guidance counselor. The time is passing by fast and deadlines for applications are creeping up on us. Make sure you take the time with yourself and with the help of others and think about all that you have to tell about yourself. Start thinking now and get those applications in quick!


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