Fort Mill Girls Basketball Looking Good

In Sports on November 23, 2010 at 8:26 pm

By: A. J. Williford

Practicing six times a week, the Fort Mill Girl's Basketball Team is ready to begin their season. Photo courtesy of Fort Mill Times

Hard work, team chemistry, and constant improvement are only a few of the many attributes needed to make a game winning basketball team. Fortunately, for Fort Mill High School’s girls basketball team, these are qualities that these ladies already possess. On Wednesday, November 17, a few of the members from the team were interviewed about the upcoming season and the many challenges they feel they will face. For the most part, they seemed pretty confident and ready to start this season off on the right foot. “I expect for us to go to the playoffs for sure and to have a winning season”, Jenna White, a senior captain said. White also said that another goal that she has is to beat Nation Ford, the cross town rival. White said she has been on the court for thirteen years, so one could guess that she knows a lot about the game. She says that overall as a team they are really good and have key strengths. One of these strengths would be the team’s ability to play well together. Playing well together is a very good start to a successful season. This year’s team has speed, another good attribute. One thing that might be a problem for this year’s team is its size, but the ladies’ hard work should make up for it.

Christine Benyak, head coach for the Lady Jackets, had a few things to say as well. “This season I expect that we improve our record, and make it to the playoffs. She also feels that the team chemistry is great, and that everyone on the team is really good friends. Although good chemistry is necessary, that will not get these girls to the playoffs. Benyak says that they need to work on their man to man defense and their rebounding. She also agreed with White on speed as a strength, and says they run the floor well.

So far the Lady Jackets have played four scrimmages, and their record for the preseason is 3-1. On November 18, they beat their rival, Rock Hill, 61-30, which was their last scrimmage. Although they have their weaknesses, with their six practices a week, expect for those few weaknesses to vanish very soon. Go out and witness the improvement and a very good season out of the Fort Mill girls’ basketball squad. Go Jackets!

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