Girls win state

In Campus Life on November 12, 2010 at 8:19 pm

By:Austin Hazen

This is the Fort Mill High cross country girls after a great win at the State Championships. Photo courtesy of Abbie Lewis

The Fort Mill High School Girls Cross Country team won the State Championship meet just this past weekend. On Saturday, November 9, 2010, the team traveled to Columbia, SC to race in a 5k. The coach for these girls is none other than the Marc Pyrc. He has been teaching Social Studies and Science, but he not only teaches the boys and girls cross country team but also for the boys track team at Fort Mill High.

The girls have been working hard since August, and it has paid off.  The starting runners for the team are Taylor Miller, Abbie Lewis, Emily Lyons, Julia VanBuskirk, Michelle Case and Mallone Buchahan. To these girls, the hardest thing they are put through is the strenuous workout they do to get ready for competitions.

For those that don’t know, the championship race is a 5k, or 3.1 mile race. It is not easy to do what these girls have done. It has taken a lot of practice, motivation and teamwork to win. Taylor Miller, one of the starters, said that her favorite thing about running is the whole team aspect and pushing yourself to do better each time she races.

The Fort Mill High boys finished fifth overall, and Nation Ford placed ninth. Although our boys did not finish first, they did manage to leave Nation Ford our rivals in the dirt. The week before the big championship  they finished behind Daniel High School which is a big competitor of Fort Mill’s.

This year was yet another successful season for both our girls and boys cross country teams.  The team managed to do nothing less than make our school proud. Make sure if you see any of the cross country runners to congratulate them on an amazing finish. Abbie Lewis stated, “This year we have had an extremely successful season with going to state and ended up winning.”


  1. Me alegra que las ninas ganaron el compeonato.

  2. felicidades al equipo de las niñas

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