Spotlight: Andrew McCartney

In Columns on November 5, 2010 at 6:56 pm

By: Haley Bonner

The perfect example of a student-athlete is Senior Andrew McCartney. Photo courtesy of Andrew McCartney

Fort Mill High School is known for a lot of its athletic teams, but mainly for Boys’ Basketball. Academics are also praised by this high school, and there is one student in particular that excels at both. Andrew McCartney, a senior at FMHS, is a straight A student and an awesome player to watch on the basketball court. He has been a resident of Fort Mill since the sixth grade but has been playing basketball since he could walk.

Although he is the center for our Varsity Boys Basketball team and has been since sophomore year, his first priority is school. McCartney really enjoys the sciences and plans to become some sort of engineer when he grows up. When asked where he would like to attend college, McCartney said, “I have a sister at Clemson University, but I am going to keep my options open.” With grades like his, this should be no problem. McCartney has a perfect 4.0, is taking two AP classes, and was voted Most Intelligent by his peers. “I was really happy when I was voted Most Intelligent, and it reflects how much work I put into my grades.”

The Boys Basketball team is expected to have a big finish this year with a possible State Championship, in which McCartney will play a big part. He is the center and has been playing Varsity since he was a freshman. Also, he is the vice-president of the Outdoors Club and is in Beta Club. Being an athlete, he plans to run track this year instead of playing baseball. McCartney also participated in a dodge ball tournament at Nation Ford and won the grand prize with a group of friends from Fort Mill. “My friends and I discovered an unexpected talent that we have,” McCartney commented.

Although Most Intelligent excels in both academics and basketball, the one thing he has mastered is time-management. He is the perfect definition of a student-athlete. With a state championship ring on his mind and his grades untouchable, McCartney is a perfect example for a great student at Fort Mill High School. “Fort Mill is what you make of it.” McCartney said. Congratulate this student on academic success, and be sure to watch this athlete on the court as he leads his team to victory.


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