Red Ribbon Week

In Campus Life on November 5, 2010 at 6:45 pm

Red Ribbon Week is a week to teach young people the negative effects of drugs. Photo courtesy of Google images.

By: Lauren Kirby

          Last week our school celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a week where young people pledge to live drug-free in honor of Enrique’ Camarena, a former DEA agent. We celebrate Camarena’s life because he was one of the most successful DEA agents of all time. In 1985 he was on the verge of unlocking a multi-billion dollar drug pipeline but was kidnapped and murdered before he could. Red Ribbon Week has turned into the nation’s most recognized drug prevention programs. This special week is celebrated during the last week in October, every year.

            Fort Mill High School kicked off the start to Red Ribbon Week with a fact every morning about how the week came about. The facts that were shared talked about the history to the week and ended with statistics of drug and alcohol users today. On Monday during both lunches students had the opportunity to sign a banner hanging in the commons. By signing the banner students pledged to stay drug free. Everyday students could put their names in a drawing box to win prizes in exchange for wearing a drug free sticker on your shirt.

            The school also supported the drug free week by dressing up each day. On Tuesday the entire school “Blacked out Drugs” by wearing all black, on Wednesday we wore red and on Thursday we wore blue and gold to show our school spirit. Ending the week was an exciting win against our cross town rivals; our blue and gold must have paid off.

            Red Ribbon Week is an important holiday to celebrate, especially with high school students. Teenagers get pressured almost everyday to try drugs and alcohol. Students at Fort Mill High School are very fortunate that we get to learn all about these things and what they can do to us. Recognizing this special week is important and it is something that should continue to be noticed.


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