Spotlight: Carmen Chambers

In Columns on October 28, 2010 at 6:15 pm

By: Haley Bonner

Being named Homecoming Queen, Carmen Chambers was full of excitement, with nothing less than a smile on her face. Photo courtesy of Carmen Chambers

A few weeks ago, Spirit Week took place, and it all ended with the announcement of the Homecoming Queen. Carmen Chambers, a native to Fort Mill, was crowned that Friday night. Her peers voted Chambers to represent the school. This 18 year old is a senior at Fort Mill High School, and is also a Varsity Cheerleader. “I have cheered at all the homecoming games since I was a freshman and have always wanted to be a part of it,” Chambers said.

For most girls, dressing up and looking pretty for the night is a big deal, and Chambers felt just the same. She was escorted by Fort Mill football player, Jabree Jackson, who was in one of her classes last year. “Jabree is really nice and funny,” Chambers added.

Chambers took the field with 10 other girls, all hoping that the crown would be theirs. When she was announced as Queen, the crowd went crazy, and the smile on Chambers’ face never came off. “I was so happy and excited that my classmates voted for me,” Chambers said.

Each Homecoming Queen at Fort Mill High School has stood out in some way. Chambers is an excellent cheerleader, participates in HOSA Club in which she helps others and is a great student. She really wants to get into the college of her choice and help her cheer team make it to the state competition.

College is close for Chambers, and she would like to attend the University of South Carolina or Charleston Southern. That should not be a problem for this Homecoming Queen because she is getting straight A’s this year.

Homecoming Queen is a huge honor to behold at Fort Mill High School, and Carmen Chambers lives up to it. “It was an awesome feeling and definitely made my senior year something to remember,” she said.


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