Early signing

In Sports on October 28, 2010 at 6:41 pm

By: Sara Allen

Early signing day gives athletes a chance to commit to play sports at schools that have offered them scholarships. Photo courtesy of Google images

The early signing period is almost here. For a lot of student-athletes in high schools across the nation, this is a big day. You’ve been looking at which colleges you can play your sport at since freshman year. As your skill improved over that time, so did the school you wanted to attend.

Sometime around junior year you probably sent out letters to coaches at a lot of different schools about your achievements in your sport. Some of the coaches probably showed an interest, some didn’t. Then out of the schools that showed an interest, unofficial college visits started. Senior year hits and the official visits where you stay a weekend with the team finally happen. With these, you narrow down your top schools to the one you want to attend.

This is where early signing comes in to play. The coach will put together a scholarship package. The package includes academic and athletic money. During the early signing period, the second Wednesday of November to the third Wednesday in November, the package will be sent to your school. On the day your school chooses to hold their signing day so all the students in the school can be recognized by the local newspaper and television station, the package will be there for you to sign.

Once you sign, you have officially committed to attend that college in the fall as a student-athlete. Unfortunately for some student-athletes who sign either during the early signing period, or during the normal signing period in the spring, they are not able to compete in some summer tournaments or competitions because they are considered college athletes.

Fort Mill is holding their early signing day sometime between November 10 and 17. Athletes will have an opportunity to commit to the school they will be attending next year, five months before the normal signing period. Early signing is something athletes look forward to so they don’t have to worry in the spring if they still have a school to attend as a college athlete in the fall.


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