Tiger has been declawed

In Sports on October 22, 2010 at 7:04 pm

By: Sara Allen

Taking Tiger's place as the top ranked player in the world is Lee Westwood. Photo courtesy of Google images

Tiger Woods has dominated the professional golf scene since the late 90s. He has been ranked number one in the world since 2005, slipping only during his breaks from golf due to knee injuries and a recent rehab situation. Once again, Woods isn’t playing in tournaments again until November 4.

During his break, Lee Westwood has been racking up wins and points to challenge Woods’s title as the top golfer. Westwood has been struggling with a right ankle injury, but has maintained his game well enough to get top-10 and -20 finishes as well as some wins. Currently, he is taking a break from tournaments to allow his injury to heal. Westwood will begin playing again at the HSBC in Dubai on November 25-28.

“I haven’t had a chance to get it healed. I tried my hardest to get back to the Ryder Cup fully fit last week and got back to 80 percent, which I thought was good enough for the Ryder Cup with the adrenaline and all that,” Westwood said, concerning his injury.

The week after the rankings where Westwood is ranked first, the HSBC Champions tournament is held. Westwood, Woods, Martin Kaymer and Phil Mickelson will all be playing. If someone other than Westwood were to win the tournament, he would fall out of the top spot.

Everyone knows that Mickelson has been the number two ranked player for about as long as Woods has been number one. Going into the Champions tournament, he will be itching to win and earn the spot he has been trying to attain for a long time. Kaymer is a fairly recent player to the tour. His rookie year was 2008. So far in 2010, he has played in 10 events and had a win. At age 25, he is the youngest of the four to try to take Westwood’s place.

The next couple of weeks on the PGA Tour will be anything but easy. The number one spot may be up in the air for a while with many trying to catch it. The only thing the players will know for sure about that spot in the rankings is that they don’t know who will come out on top.


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