Man killed by Mexican pirates

In World News on October 22, 2010 at 7:12 pm

By: Courtney Harrington

            On September 30, a man was allegedly shot to death on Falcon Lake by Mexican pirates. The victim, David Hartley, and his wife, Tiffany Hartley, decided to take a trip out on the lake on a couple of jet skis that day. Intersecting the lake is a border separating Mexico from Texas. Before going out on their adventure, the couple knew of the problems that were present if they were to pass over the border into Mexico. The couple set out to see a historic building in Mexico. A fun day trip soon turned into a tragedy.

            Hartley’s wife claimed that three boats approached them and shot her husband in the back of the head, causing him to fall off of his jet ski. She then

A fun day trip on Falcon Lake turned ugly when David Hartley was shot and killed by Mexican pirates. Photo courtesy of Google images

turned around to see if he was okay. Once she saw that he was dead, she attempted to lift him onto her jet ski to take him back to shore. She failed to do so and headed back to safety to call 911. During an interview, she told Meredith Vieira from The Today Show that she heard God telling her to go back and to leave him behind.

            At first, Tiffany Hartley had issues with getting the Mexican officials to cooperate with the search. She and her husband’s family could not seem to get them to help look for her husband. Once she brought the story to the media, they slowly began to work with her. “I think they finally took it seriously once we started coming to the media. I think they finally decided this story needed some action behind it. And if these people are the right people, hopefully they can lead us to where David’s at,” she stated.

            After continuous searching for Hartley’s body, some information had been revealed. Although Mexican officials have not yet found his body, they have found suspects. While officials were searching for Hartley’s body, members of a drug gang fired gun shots, resulting in a gun battle. The two suspects, Juan Pedro Zaldivar Farias and Jose Manuel Zaldivar Farias, are leaders from the gang known as Zeta. Unfortunately, Tiffany is no help in the identification of the men who shot her husband. “I couldn’t tell you. I don’t remember, really, being able to describe or even kind of get an idea of what these guys looked like. Possibly, maybe it would come back to me, but I was more focused on the gun and hoping they wouldn’t shoot me,” she explained.

            As officials continue to do everything they can to find Hartley’s body, Tiffany is remaining hopeful. She has been meeting with the officials to give them any information she can to help with the case. All she wants is to have the proper burial that her beloved husband deserves.


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