John Stamos

In Entertainment on October 22, 2010 at 7:06 pm

By: Courtney Harrington

After playing multiple roles on T.V. shows and in Broadway productions, Stamos is moving on to producing his own film. Photo courtesy of Google images

            John Stamos, a 47 year old actor, has made many trademarks throughout the course of his life. One that he is widely known for is the television show Full House. The show first aired in 1987 where he played Uncle Jesse Katsopolis. Interestingly enough, Stamos specifically asked for the last name Katsopolis to “highlight” his Greek heritage. The original last name of his character was set to be Cochran. Stamos is best known for the show; however, Full House was not his first acting job. In 1982, he appeared on General Hospital for two years as Blackie Parrish.

            As the acting wonder aged, he starred in different television shows, along with Broadway shows such as Bye Bye Birdie. Most recently, Stamos appeared on the captivating show, Glee. On the show, he played the boyfriend of the guidance counselor, played by Emma Pillsbury, Jayma Mays. Another thing the actor is known for is having a “thing” for the musical group, the Beach Boys. The Beach Boys made several different appearances on Full House. At one point, Stamos was the drummer for the band during one of their tours. Regarding the Beach Boys, Stamos wondered how younger generations get “turned on” to great acts in today’s society. His answer to this is to produce a musical movie centered on the tunes of the group.

            Producing the movie is Stamos, Neil Meron and Craig Zadan. The movie is said to be filmed in Southern California and based in the 1960’s. “We’re sort of circling around ’67,” Stamos said, but they are not quite positive yet. The men picked this time period because it was around the time of the Vietnam War, which is said to set the background for the film. The music that will be used in the movie are the songs that were written before the time of war. The screenplay is being written by Susannah Grant.

            The Beach Boys 50th anniversary will be coming up in 2011, and Stamos wants to have the movie finished in time for the special occasion. “It’d be nice to get it out on the tail end of the 50th,” he said. The remaining members of the band, Alan Jardine, Brian Wilson, Bruce Johnston and possibly guitarist David Marks, will be reuniting for a tribute concert. Stamos is sure that the movie will be a hit. Stamos said, “Don’t expect the film to echo Broadway’s Good Vibrations, a jukebox musical that closed after two months.” I walked out halfway through. It’ll be nothing like that – I promise you. It’ll be the opposite of that. Trust me.”


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