Teachers of the Month

In Campus Life on October 18, 2010 at 6:52 pm

By:Austin Hazen

Ms. Vokes teaching her students on new art project ideas. Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

Ever wanted to tell one of your teachers that he/she is the best? Well, during each month you are able to vote for the Teachers of the Month. Each month two teachers are picked and then recognized for the whole month. For the month of October, the teachers chosen were Judi Vokes and Jeannie Whitten.

            Ms. Vokes has been teaching for 33 years, and she is originally from Waynesville, NC. She went to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She has two children and five grandkids. Her two children are named Amanda and Susan and have both graduated high school. She currently teaches art on the E-hall and enjoys it very much. Ms. Vokes’s favorite thing about teaching is the students and all of their different ideas that they bring to the class. She feels so good about being picked to be the Teacher of the Month.

Mrs. Whitten teaching her students doing one of their labs. Photo courtesy of Austin Hazen

 Mrs. Whitten went to Clemson University. She has been teaching for 31 years. She is originally from Clemson, SC. She is married to Tim Whitten and has two children named Katheyn and John. She currently teaches Physics on the E-hall of Fort Mill High School. Her favorite thing about teaching is “developing creative students, and giving them confidence in themselves. Every student is unique and brings contributions that no one else can make.”

            So these are our teachers of the month. Whenever you see them in the hallway, you definitely need to stop congratulate them on doing a superb job. Our teachers come to school, and teach us, stay after class to work with us and make sure we understand the work. The least we could do is show our appreciation for them when we see them. Don’t forget that each month two new teachers will get honored, so start thinking about your favorite teacher and sign up for who you think should win. Just look for the brown box at the student information table during both lunches. Who knows? Your teacher might just win.


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