Alabama upset

In Sports on October 18, 2010 at 7:25 pm

By: Sara Allen

            The number one ranked college football team in the nation, the University of Alabama, was defeated by the number 19 ranked team, the University of South Carolina. Winning by 14 points, the Gamecocks were on top with a final score of 35 to Alabama’s 21 points. The game was a major upset for Crimson Tide fans everywhere. Over two-thirds of all college football polls favored Alabama crushing the Gamecocks instead of what really happened. The 19-game winning streak the Tide had built up, ended.

The Gamecocks defeated the top ranked team in the country, Alabama, 35-21. Photo courtesy of Google images

            Early in the game, the Gamecocks had an 18 point lead. They managed to hang onto that momentum even though fans doubted that it was possible. With Stephen Garcia as quarterback, anything is possible. His sporadic throws have cost Carolina victories in the past. The fact that he was 17 for 20 passes with only one interception was shocking to some people. “Coach Spurrier told us to give fate a chance, so we did. We hung in there, and we responded to every point that they scored. Every time they scored, I think the offense scored right back. I think what won the game was responding,” Garcia said about the game.

During the game, in the Carolina Student Section, you could hear the chants of “You can’t stop us!” Whether the students were directing this toward Alabama’s defense or to the security guards that would not allow them to rush onto the field after the victory is still in debate. Based on the outcome of the game and the fact the guards were able to hold the students back, the ESPN announcers decided the chant was directed at the Tide.

            “I think it was just meant to be. Fate was on our side for us to beat the No. 1 in all three major sports in 2010,” Head Coach Steve Spurrier said. He chalked up the game to fate. Was it really fate, a fluke, or has all of Carolina’s hard work finally paid off? Whatever the reason, it was still an important Gamecock victory. They are now ranked number 10 in the nation, and last year’s national champion has fallen to number eight. “…You can’t just show up and win because you’re Alabama, just because you’re number one” Mark Ingrahm, the reigning Heisman trophy winner and Alabama’s running back, said.


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