It’s time to listen

In Editorials on October 8, 2010 at 3:48 pm

By: Austin Hazen

Austin talks about how to be a good friend and sharing your opinion openly. Photo courtesy of Lauren Kirby

When you’re talking with your friends, do you listen to what they have to say or are you only concerned with what you have to say in return? Whether you realize it or not, some people just need someone to listen. Many people in this world feel like they have no one that will listen or anyone that understands them.

            If you took a chance to listen to someone in need, you would be surprised the difference you could make in his/her life. Growing up, I always felt excluded, shy and I always wanted a good friend to be there for me and listen when I was having a bad day. With that experience I have been able to how take the initiative and listen to people in need.

            Listening might not be the only way to help someone out. Sometimes people have opinions that they want to share but might be scared to do so because they think someone will not approve. If you want people to be accepting of your opinion, you should be appreciative of theirs. You have to be open minded to people’s thoughts.

            You should be tolerant of other people’s ideas as well. Meaning, even if you don’t agree with what your best friend has to say, you can still be respectful. Being respectful is the best way to be a good friend. People are looking for friends that are loyal, honest and trustworthy.

The more you accept people, the more they will accept you. It’s like the saying goes,” to get respect you have to give respect.” So, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your friends will be friendlier to you, and you will make more friends. So go out and show respect to people and make new friends because you never know when you could make a major impact in someone’s life just by being there for his/her.


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